Root rot

Root rot

Understanding Root Rot In Plants And Its Prevention

Anyone who loves gardening must take out time to read this article. Root Rot, a common disease among plants can destroy your beautiful garden. It does not take much time to destroy the plants and kill them. The disease is soil-borne and caused by a fungus called Phytophthora. The plant starts decomposing from the roots and eventually die. It is common in indoor plants as well.

Symptoms to note

Identifying the rot is crucial at the initial stage. Roots that are soft and exhibit a brownish shade are rotten. The sign of a healthy root is the color. Plant roots are usually white with a firm texture. When it starts rotting, the texture gets soft, and discoloration starts. The fungus attacks an area of the root and starts spreading rapidly. The color fades fast, and the plant turns mushy to die eventually.

The adverse impact

How does the fungus kill the plant? The attacking fungus blocks the xylem vessel. As a result, the host plant cannot get any nutrients or water in the stems. The leaves start to wilt and the green color turns into a yellow shade. In fact, a plant with rotten roots can die in a span of 10 days! If similar symptoms in the roots occur, you must remove the plant from the soil and change the planter.

Can you prevent it?

The fungus is born in the soil and resides there. If a plant starts to rot from the roots, you can cut the part and replant it inside a different planter. It can avert the spread of the disease. Another effective way to eradicate the fungus is sterilizing the soil. Chemical fungicides are expensive and not the best solution for the temporary impact. In fact, it can also affect the plant and its growth.

Go organic for treating the plant – Choose Trianum Shield.

The organic fungicides for Root Rot Prevention bring the best solution for your garden. The soil-borne disease attacks the fungus and prevents its growth. It protects the roots without leaving any residue in the soil. You can ensure better yield and enhance the nutrition intake of the plant with the bio-based solution, Trianum Shield. It is cost-beneficial and takes a lower time to control the fungus growth. You can easily apply the product while cultivating and planting the seeds to prevent the chances of rotten roots.

Trianum Shield is the best preventive solution for rotten roots, if applied at the beginning of the crop cycle. The product functions optimally with different types of indoor and outdoor plants for swift impact. It breaks the cell wall of the fungus and kills it within a short span.

Follow the best steps and practices.

Organic farming and gardening are not easy as you have to stay aware of the best practices and the possible soil-borne diseases. Make the best condition for the soils to prevent the growth of fungus that can potentially harm or decompose the roots of your plants. Use organic products from reliable brands to maintain the best conditions for growth.