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Natural fungicide foliar spray for powdery mildew and botrytis control

Trianum-V is a natural fungicide that is effective against a wide range of plant diseases, including powdery mildew, botrytis, and other fungal infections. It is made with the active ingredient Trichoderma harzianum, a beneficial fungus that helps to control harmful fungi. Where to buy best powdery mildew fungicide, Novobac is reliable manufacturer to produce effective foliar fungicide for organic agriculture.

Mode of Action

  • A durable solution to make things simpler is provided by systemic acquired resistance (SAR) and induced systemic resistance (ISR).
  • When the natural fungicide spray to a plant, the beneficial fungus Trichoderma harzianum out competes fungal diseases for space and nutrients, colonizing the foliage ahead of the pathogens. It acts as a mycoparasite and producing enzymes that break down the hyphae of the fungi.
  • Moreover, it will produce elevated levels of certain proteins and other compounds that inhibit fungal and bacterial growth. These compounds include phytoalexins, cell wall strengtheners, antioxidants, PR proteins, and phenolics. This process, called induced systemic acquired resistance (SAR) and induced systemic resistance (ISR), helps the plant to protect itself by activating its own defense mechanisms


  • Prevent and early control molds, rots, spots, mildews and blights.
  • Increased yield and improved quality.
  • Helps plants to better withstand stress and has a long-lasting performance.
  • Low risk of resistance and can be used in a sustainable manner to plant diseases control.
  • Easy-to-use wettable powder with no residues
  • Can be used in organic production.
  • No required interval between application and harvest.

How to use natural fungicide spray for plants

The foliar fungicide is most effectively used in a preventive disease management program for plants.

  • Apply at a rate of 2~3 gram per liter water to ensure cover the underside of the leaves as well
  • Apply before visible symptoms appear or when the mildew infected is first noticed.
  • Repeat applications at 7-14 day intervals, depending upon disease pressure the rate can be increased and/or spray intervals decreased
  • Do not use a spray concentration that exceeds 1% v/v.
  • When conditions are conducive to heavy fungal infections, use the powdery mildew fungicide in a rotational program with other registered products.
  • To improve its effectiveness, it is recommended to add a surfactant that is safe for the target crop to the spray tank. This will help to improve penetration and coverage of the above-ground parts of the plant.


Tank Mixing

  •  Dilute with water for spray applications.
  •  Partially fill the spray tank with clean water and turn on agitation.
  •  Add the specified amount of Trianum V and finish filling the tank to obtain optimal concentration.
  •  Agitate the solution during mixing and application to ensure even distribution.
  •  Do not let the spray mixture stand for too long.
  •  Maintain the pH between 4.5 and 8.5.
  •  Compatible with a wide range of additives, including nonphytotoxic surfactants.
  •  Not to be mixed with products that prohibit mixing.

It is important to note that Trianum-V should not be tank mixed with copper-based fungicides. Copper-based fungicides can be harmful to the active ingredient Trichoderma harzianum.

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Product Facts:

Target Disease

Citrus canker, Crown rot, Powdery mildew, Anthracnose, Pythium, Botrytis, Vericillium wilt, Leaf spot, Phytophthor

Active Ingredient

Trichoderma harzianum Strain TH17

Formulation Type

Wettable Powder


Bacteria count 5* 10^8 CFU/g,


Foliar Fungicide Spray 1 kg per bag

Common Crops

Citrus corps, Grapes, Almonds, Fruiting vegetables, Mangos, Potatoes, Leafy greens, Berries, Pomegranate


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