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Novobac, which stands for Novel Bacteria, is a biotech pest control and agritech company, specializing in identifying and selecting the most optimal collection of microbes to produce specialty microbial pesticides that benefit the environment and create sustainable farming practices. Our proprietary technology allows us to isolate and screen naturally occurring microorganisms to create bio-products that may possess novel, effective, and organic biologic pest management or plant health promoting characteristics. As a leading agri-tech company in agri-tech production, Novobac is dedicated to promoting biological solutions that address the challenges of meeting increasing food demand while ensuring sustainable agriculture practices.

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Advanced Microbial Fermentation

At Novobac, we are experts in microbial fermentation based on bacteria, fungi, and Actinomycetes to develop innovative bio solutions for crop protection. Our biotech pest management process begins with careful strain selection and optimization, and continues through process development, scale-up, and production. With a deep understanding of agricultural biologic products, we are able to assist customers in developing product formulations that are customized to meet their needs and deliver enhanced performance characteristics.

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At Novobac, we pride ourselves on delivering world-class, innovative bio products in the field of microbial biofungicides and bioinsecticides. Our cutting-edge agri-tech products are designed to boost natural biological activity, developed through continuous innovation and state-of-the-art biologic solutions. As a company focused on revolutionizing the industry of bio agriculture, we are dedicated to promoting ecological solutions that address the challenges of meeting increasing food demand while ensuring sustainable agriculture practices. Learn more about what Novobac offers and how our biotech pest control products can benefit you, your plant, and our planet.

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