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Novobac, means novel bacteria,  we specialize in identifying and selecting the optimal collection of microbes to produce specialty microbial pesticide that benefit the environment and create sustainable farming practices. Our proprietary technology enables us to isolate and screen naturally occurring microorganisms to create biological fungicide and insecticide that may have novel, effective and organic pest management or plant health natural promoting characteristics

About Tangsons

Advanced Microbial Fermentation

At Novobac, we excel in microbial fermentation based on bacteria, fungi and Actinomycetes – from strain selection, optimization and process development to scale-up and production. Base on deep understanding of agricultural Technological Microbiology allows us to help customers to develop product formulations that are tailored to meet customers’ needs and possess enhanced performance characteristics

Product Spotlight

We make innovative, world-class biotechnology products. Our microbial biofungicide & bioinseciticide products positively increase activity in the natural biology that already exists. Completely safe and non-GMO, Our products offer ecological solutions for meeting increased food demand and sustainable agriculture growing . Click on our products to learn more!

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Join us to develop the world’s leading microbial inoculant, biostimulant and biocontrol solutions portfolio.
By partnering with us, you could make that commitment work for your business.

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Free sample can be request to ensure you a complete picture of the value of our products for your business,
Tangsons are always custom made depending on your needs and requirements.

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