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Seed inoculant for biological seed treatment and protection

BioStart is a seed inoculant that improves soil health by promoting the growth of beneficial microbes. The seed fungicides contain Penicillium Bilaiae, a beneficial microbe that enhances seed germination, promotes seedling growth, controls plant diseases, and improves nutrient uptake. BioStart offers a safer alternative to traditional seed coating chemicals, which can harm the environment and human health. If looking for organic seed treatment products, Novobac offers best seed fungicides for your crop protection.

Mode of Action

  • Penicillium Bilaiae, the active ingredient in BioStart, is a beneficial microbe that has demonstrated potential as a biological seed treatment.It improves seed germination and seedling growth in a variety of crops, including corn, wheat, and soybeans.
  • The fungus helps seeds grow by breaking down tough substances in the seed coat, allowing the seed to take in water and nutrients easily.It may also produce plant growth hormones that can stimulate the development of the seedling.
  • It serves as both a biostimulant seed treatment and a microbial seed treatment, promoting seed care and seed protection. The seed fungicideseffectively controls a wide range of soil-borne plant diseases. This is because it produces substances that hinder the growth of harmful microorganisms.
  • It helps plants absorb essentialnutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus easily, which may reduce the need for fertilizers. BioStart strengthens plant root systems, enabling them to better absorb moisture from the soil. This, in turn, improves soil health over time due to the presence of beneficial microorganisms.

Benefit of of Seed Inoculant

  • Health start promotes better emergence
  • Effective seed fungicides for seedlings
  • Leading to the potential for increased yields
  • Creates a healthier environment around the seed
  • Optimizing plant root health and stress tolerance for stronger, more vigorous plants
  • Faster development of the canopy and improved nutrient uptake
  • Reducing the risk of early-season insect and disease pressure
  • Reduce the need for replanting, thereby saving on costs.

Application Rate

Add BioStart Seed Inoculant to appropriate amount of chlorine-free water (3-5 times dilution) prior to or during seeding.

The planting window is the maximum time allowed between application and seeding.

Application with other seed treatment products is possible but may reduce the planting window.

  • Corn: 200–250 gram per 100 kg corn seed.
  • Soybean: 250–300 gram per 100 kg soybean seed
  • Wheat: 300–350 gram per 100 kg wheat seed
  • Rice: 300–400 gram per 100 kg rice seed
  • Canola: 250–300 gram per 100 kg canola seed

Tank Mixing

BioStart is compatible with other biostimulant seed treatment, microbial seed treatment, and chemical seed treatments. Combining this product with other seed treatments can boost seed germination, seedling growth, and crop yields.

This product enhances seed quality by fostering beneficial microbes, boosting nutrient uptake, and combating plant diseases. This product is a natural and effective way to treat seeds, promote sustainable agriculture, and protect the environment.

Its flexibility and ability make it an necessary component for improving seed protection and increasing crop yields. This applies to microbial seed treatments, organic seed treatments, and agricultural systems seeking enhancement.

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Product Facts:

Troubleshooting For

Poor Germination, Thin Stand, Seedling Disease, Chemical Damage, Slow Growth & Development

Active Ingredient

Penicillium Bilaiae Strain

Formulation Type

Wettable Powder


Penicillium Bilaiae  1.5* 10^9 cfu/g


Seed inoculant 1 kg per foil bag

Common Crops

Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Paddy, Canola


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