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Penicillium Bilaiae

Releasing phosphorus bound in soil as Phosphate solubilizing bacteria

Penicillium bilaiae is a phosphate solubilizing bacteria widely used in agriculture, it work as an eco-friendly seed inoculant and pet safe fungicide to enhance plant growth and phosphorus uptake in various crops. Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for crop production, but it is often the least mobile and available to plants in soil. The soybean inoculation play an important role in the global phosphorus cycle, it colonize and grow around plant roots, break down fixed soil phosphorus from insoluble phosphates into a form that is more accessible to plants. How to make PSB bacteria, Novobac is reliable factory for organic phosphate fertilizer production.

Antagonistic Activity

Penicillium bilaiae inhibits some pathogenic fungal diseases:

a) Fusarium oxysporum
b) Fusarium Solani
c) Rhizoctonia Solani
d) Nigrospora Sphaerica
e) Bipolaris Sorokiniana
f) Macrophomina Phaseolina
g) Corynespora Cassiicola

Antagonistic activity of Penicillium bilaiae against plant pathogens

Mode of Action

Approximately 90% of the organic phosphate fertilizer applied to soil is not used by crops in the year of application, as the pet safe fungicide becomes bound to soil particles and other elements and becomes unavailable. This means that at least 25% of the applied phosphate is never used. To make the most efficient use of the organic phosphate fertilizer and maximize crop yield potential, it is important to find ways to make the phosphorus more accessible to plants.

The soybean inoculation can also produce soil organic acids, such as citric acid, helps for phosphate solubilization from soil minerals. The mechanism of this phosphate solubilizing bacteria involves the secretion of enzymes that break down the fixed phosphorus found in phosphates into a form that is more soluble and available to plants. These enzymes, called phosphatases, hydrolyze the phosphates, releasing the phosphorus in a form that can be taken up by plants.



  • Strong phosphate solubilizing abilities, enhances early vigor
  • Boosts root and shoot growth
  • Earlier more uniform maturity
  • Give seeds protection when facing pathogens
  • Supporting greater stress tolerance and earlier
  • Improves yield potential eco-friendly
  • Increases plant nourishment, enabling plants to tolerate environmental stressors better
  • Better Potential for winter wheat survival
  • Active when the availability of phosphate is low in chilly soil temperatures

Application Rate

  • Seed inoculation: the pet safe fungicide can be applied as seeds inoculant before planting.
  • Soil application: Apply at a rate of 1-3 kgs per acre by soil drench or mixed into the fertilizer before planting.
  • Consult with phosphate solubilizing bacteria manufacturer or seller when using the eco fungicide, as the recommended application rate and methods may vary depending on the crops.

Product Facts:

Available Specification

Bacteria count 5* 10^9 cfu/g; 1* 10^10 cfu/g;  2* 10^10 cfu/g ; 4* 10^10 cfu/g

Formulation Type

Both Wettable Powder and Granuar Form Are available


penicillium bilaiae 1 kg or 25 kg per bag

Shelf Life and Storage

Shelf life: 18 months

Store in cool, dry location away from direct sunlight and moisture

Use within 30 days of opening

Keep away from children


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