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Nema ProMax

Bio nematicides for plant parasitic nematodes treatment

Nema ProMax is a innovative bio nematicide that contains the active ingredients burkholderia spp. and bacillus pumilus. This liquid nematicide offers growers an effective option for controlling nematodes, which can be challenging due to the limited number of management tools available. This products is a broad-spectrum in furrow insecticide that is exempt from residue tolerances and can be used in both conventional and bio production. If searching best nematicide for nematode pest control, Nema ProMax is manufactured by Novobac factory.

Target Nematode

  • Root Knot                              Leison
  • Dagger                                   • Needle nematode
  • Stunt                                      Cyst
  • Stubby root nematode       •  Sting nematode
  • Ring


Mode of Action

  • 100% kills second instar larvae of nematode within 24 hours after treatment
    The in vitro control effect of Burkholderia is amazing. It can produce more than 80 highly active metabolites. Among them, cytotoxins, lipopeptide antibiotics and other metabolites act on the nematode ATPase and cell wall, making the second instar larvae quickly stiff and die. Therefore, in only 24 hours, the lethality of Burkholderia on the second instar larvae can be close to 100%, which is an effect that many chemical drugs cannot match.


  • 80% reduction rate of root nod, Suppress and biological control the hatching of eggs
    As long as the root system is infested by nematodes, root knots will form. Therefore, if you want to reduce root knots, the most important thing is to “repulse most nematodes and prevent the eggs from hatching.” Based on this principle, Burkholderia specifically reduces the occurrence of root nodules through direct and indirect methods. On the one hand, the metabolites secreted by Burkholderia can directly inhibit the hatching of eggs, making the eggs diapause or die; on the other hand, Burkholderia can also delay the hatching of eggs by secreting some endogenous hormones that regulate plants , In order to reduce the occurrence of nematode generations during a crop growth period, and indirectly reduce germination.


  • Release siderophore, which significantly promotes the growth of the aboveground and underground parts
    In addition to its amazing ability to kill plant parasitic nematodes, Burkholderia secretes metabolites such as siderophore and regulates plant nitrogen absorption genes, which significantly promotes the growth of the aboveground and underground parts of crops!



  • Bio nematode spray that is economically viable
  • No limitations on plant-backing
  • Multiple application options: irrigation with drip or sprinklers, in-furrow chemigation, or soil drenching.
  • Within 24 hours of treatment, about 100% of second instar larvae die.
  • If plant parasitic nematodes enter the roots, their life cycle is disrupted and they will eventually die within 48–72 hours after treatment..
  • No new ladies have developed.
  • Strongly encourage the development of the above-ground and subsurface components

Application Rate

Nema ProMax bio nematicides can be applied by soil drench, broadcast, and chemigation and as an in-furrow spray, T-band or soil injection to protect against root knot nematode.

  • Chemigation: Apply 15-20 litres per hectare, diluted 200-300 times prior to, at or shortly after planting or transplanting, and in season
  • Soil Drench Applications: Apply in sufficient water to thoroughly soak the growing media and root zone. Nematode spray can be applied prior to planting and at or near planting or transplanting through soil drench applications.
  • Broadcast Applications: Nematode spray can be applied to bare soil alone or with most types of pesticides and nutrients prior to planting, at planting, at transplant, and in-season. Apply with a minimum of 30 gallons of water and follow with a minimum of 0.5 inches of irrigation water or rainfall within 1-2 days to allow the material to move through the soil profile.
  • Shanked-In and Injected Applications: can be shanked-in or injected into the soil alone, or with most types of pesticides and nutrients prior to planting, and at planting.
  • In-Furrow and T-Band Applications: At planting, apply as an in furrow spray or as a 5-7 inch band (T-band) over an open seed furrow at the rate of 15-20 liter per hectare.

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Product Facts:

Shelf Life

24 months if maintained properly in a cool, dry place.

Active Ingredient

Burkholderia & Bacillus Pumilus

Formulation Type

Liquid Type


Bacteria count 1* 10^9 cfu/g


2 liter  per bottle,

Common Crops

Potatoes, Corn, Tobacco, Strawberries,  Blueberry , Leafy beans ,Cucumbers, Cotton ,Vegetables, Fruits


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