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Nema Pro

Organic nematicides for root knot nematode control

Nema Pro is a breakthrough organic nematicide for controlling plant parasitic nematodes in your garden or farm, made from a naturally occurring fungus, Paecilomyces lilacinus, which have true nematicidal activity against eggs, juveniles and adult root knot nematodes, This makes it safely and efficiently solve the root-knot nematode problem, and promote root growth and root strengthening of crops, and more robust plant growth. If buy root knot nematode control, Novobac is your best nematicide products manufacturer and factory for sale.

Target Disease

  • Root Knot       • Leison
  • Dagger            • Stunt
  • Cyst                 •  Ring


Mode of Action

  • Parasitism: When paecilomyces lilacinus contact with nematodes oocysts, the mycelium of the bacterium of birth control surrounds the whole egg for parasitism
  • Invasion: Metabolism produces derivatives and titinase, which penetrate the egg shells, larvae and adult females of nematodes, and the mycelium absorbs nutrients and reproduces in their bodies
  • Kill: Insecticide nematicide products destroy the normal physiological metabolism of eggs, larvae and adult females, and secrete toxins such as bacteriocins to kill nematodes. Moreover, the organic nematicide can produce abundant metabolites during the process of cultivation, including indoleacetic acid-like products, chitinase, glucanase and filipinase, which can significantly promote the growth of plant roots and plants, and also have a role in promoting seed germination and growth.

Nema Pro Nematicide Mode of Action



  • Suppression and control of root knot nematodes
  • Stop crop from losing yield.
  • Improve harvest quality and yields
  • Strengthening and improving the roots
  • Useful both during and after planting
  • Has no leftovers and suitable for organic production

Application Rate

  • Apply 3-4.5 kgs/acre during planting, depending on the populations.
  • Reapply for season-long control every 28 days.
  • Only use cultivation applications as a second line of defence after an in-furrow application.


Tank Mixing

  • Application efficiency may be enhanced by inclusion of a soil wetting agent to help the spores penetrate soil into the root zone.
  • Do NOT mix Nema Pro with chlorothalonil, mancozeb, triazole or strobilurin fungicides.
  • Do not mix with strong acids, bases or other caustic materials. Keep the solution pH at 6-7 in spray tank.
  • Mix Nema Pro only with products for which such mixing is permitted by the label for that product.


What is the best treatment for nematodes?

Chemical, organic, and physical control methods are common used for nematode treatment. Physical control including crop rotation and soil fumigation just play a preventive role, while some chemical nematicide products can fast-acting nematode killer but damage to plant roots, nematode infestation will return once the active ingredients are degraded in the soil. It is a promising organic root knot nematode control methods with long lasting effect and zero resistance for sustainable agriculture.

See different for yourself

Nematode 2,970 ind /100 cc before

Nematode 218 ind /100 cc after Nema Pro treated 30 days later

Product Facts:

Shelf Life

24 months when stored properly in a cool and dry place.

Active Ingredient

Purpureocillium Lilacinum (former Paecilomyces lilacinus)

Formulation Type

Wettable Powder Formulation


Bacteria count 5* 10^8 CFU/g


1 kg per foil bag

Common Crops

Corn, Tobacco, Potatoes, Blueberry , Strawberries , Leafy beans , Cucumbers, Cotton ,Vegetables, Fruits


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