Effective Strategies for control of Pepper Weevil Pest Management

Pepper Weevil also known as the Anthonomus eugenii is very unpopular natural enemies of the pepper plants. It is known as the single biggest enemy of this plant that is quite popular for spicing up the dishes. No pepper plants are safe from the grasps of pepper weevil ever. This enemy of pepper is very difficult to eradicate as it is quite prolific in attacking. Well, jalapenos on pizza or pepper on noodles all are commercially viable options and these pepper crops are very vulnerable to consistent attack from these dangerous evils.

Close-up of a Pepper Weevil on a Green Bell Pepper

What is a Pepper Weevil?

It is a threat against good spicy noodles and pizza! These are basically nothing but pests. They are primarily seen attacking pepper plants in Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, and The United States of America. In the United States, majorly southern states like Florida, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. They spread too much and are spotted sometimes as far as New Jersey which is in northern part of the United States of America.

Life Cycle of the Pepper Weevil

Stages of the pepper weevil larvae is quite simple and before knowing how to control it you need to understand its life stages of the pepper. Adult weevils are usually the ones which attack fruits and flower buds so these are the dangerous ones. These creatures usually create a hole near the calyx of the fruits as they deposit their eggs there mostly. The eggs hatch and they start attacking the seed pods.

These creatures are quite unpopular for being the messy eaters. It depends on the size of the pepper plants when you talk about the attack types of weevils. Sometimes these peppers ensure that fruits fall before it can be harvested and that is when you can also know that these plants are infested. The major problems are something like you know that infestation has taken a big bite of your hard work during the harvesting process.

Why is it a Concern for Gardeners?

The major concern for the gardeners when it comes to pepper weevil is that it can take a huge chunk of their harvesting pepper in no time at all. Adult weevils prefer to attack the fruits and leaves while the larvae prefer to eat the pods where they are born. It usually leads to fruits falling down before they ripen. It mostly contaminates the whole crop.

Close-up of a Pepper Weevil on a Green Pepper

Identifying Pepper Weevil Infestation

Pepper weevil is usually something that looks smaller than a normal match head. Although it looks small it creates big issues by making infestation issues in your crops. It has a large snout and is about 1/8 inches long. The adult pepper weevil looks more brownish in colour and have wings as compared to larvae. Once the adult pepper weevil has laid the eggs and larvae have come out, it becomes very difficult to control the infestation. To identify pepper weevil presence, you can check the presence of fruits that have dropped at the base of the plants. Fruits also that keep on growing are quite deformed. It is the usual sign and you should start thinking about pepper weevil treatment before they destroy your whole crops.

Methods to Control Pepper Weevil Infestation

The best way to prevent this disease are knowing the right prevention methods. Being proactive while being in the field is necessary, as it can prevent crops from getting cleaned up. Prefer usually to check all the plants and remove all the damaged fruits along with the fruits that have fallen in the base of the plant. Prefer to destroy all the unwanted fruits. Keep rotating the crops so that pests do not attack. Removing all the traps like the yellow sticky ones are very necessary. Preventing needs proper sanitation techniques, crop rotation strategies, and using natural predators. Knowing the right pepper weevil insecticide can help you to go a very long way.

How to get rid of pepper weevil?

MET Zone: An Effective Solution for Pepper Weevil Control

To get rid of pepper weevil you can use parasitic wasps but they are not your usual reliable options to eradicate the whole problems. If the infestation is at a very advanced level, then these wasps become quite inefficient. Pepper weevil insecticides can be highly preferred. Choosing the right biological control is quite necessary and Metarhizium anisopliae is the best option. It is a biological insecticide that lasts way too long in agriculture. Novobac is your best manufacturer for you in this case if you are looking for pepper weevil insecticide. Organic grub killer option is also there with Novobac but you need to avoid mixing it with chemical fungicide or use it in high temperature zone.

Monitoring for Future Infestations

For future always be sure that you keep maintaining the soil quality and keep on rotating the crops. Always prefer different families of crops while rotating to keep soil healthy and the attackers like pepper weevil away. Pepper weevil control and pepper weevil treatment is not difficult but preventing can always ensure that you get the best results out of the crops.


Why are pepper weevils hard to control?

They are hard to control because they attack suddenly. The adult ones give birth to larvae in the pods and they even start eating up from the inside. It is quite difficult to handle them.

Can pepper weevils harm humans?

These pests are not known to harm humans but when they attack peppers, they are indirectly harming the humans by depriving them of pepper and creating a huge loss of crop in gardening.

How can I distinguish pepper weevil damage from other pests?

It is very easy to distinguish pepper weevil damage from other pests. You will find the fruits falling in the base of plants before getting ripe and you will also find deformed fruits hanging in the plants when pepper weevil attacks.

Are chemical treatments safe for my plants?

Chemical treatments are safe for the plants only if you take a very informed decision. MET Zone is a granular insecticide. Metarhizium anisopliae is the best option for every situation from prevention to cure. If you understand the chemical treatment product you are using then you can take the right decision.

How frequently should I monitor my garden for infestations?

You should keep checking regularly every week. Prevention can also be done by using Metarhizium anisopliae.

Is there a specific time of year when infestations are high?

There is usually no specific time of year when infestations are high. Usually during early crops period just need to be checked properly as this period can be ripe for attack of grown peppers weevils.


Pepper weevils are focused on attacking pepper plantations and farmers should stay aware of that always if they are doing pepper plantation. This pest management of the pepper weevil is easy, thanks to Metarhizium anisopliae which is manufactured by Novobac. Novobac always ensures that novel bacteria help the agriculture to grow in a sustainable way. While protecting the plantation it also ensure that the soil quality stays at the highest level always. Sustainable agricultural practices should always be encouraged because this way we resolve the current issues without affecting the future of our planet.


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