Verticillium Wilt

Verticillium Wilt

Symptoms you must note

The symptoms of the wilt disease vary with the host plant and the fungus specie. There are six types of Verticillium fungi, and each has a distinct impact. Plants like cotton, potato, tomato, eggplant, pepper and other types that are commonly seen in organic farms are susceptible to the attack. The initial symptoms and signs are similar to Fusarium, where the plants start yellowing.

Impact on the host plant

Wilting of stems and leaves is common across all plants for the Verticillium attack. It is a soil-borne fungus and can kill the host plant. The fungus blocks the xylem vessel and cuts the nutrition channels. The plant dies of a reduced supply of water and nutrients. Discoloration, stunted growth, and chlorosis are the visible impacts. If you notice any such symptom, be quick to take a step to stop the fungus growth.

The disease cycle and process

The disease cycle is similar to Fusarium wilt as it enters through the plant roots. The fungus resides in the soil and attacks the xylem to absorb the nutrition for survival. The fungus grows fast and colonizes the plant. You have to take a quick step to stop the growth and treat the soil to eradicate the fungus.

Preventing the decay – Finding the right way

Chemical pesticides and fungicides for gardening are not a wise choice. It impacts the plants and is not a cost-effective choice. One has to find a feasible solution to prevent Verticillium Wilt that meets the cost and brings an effective impact. As a preventive step you can process the soil to improve the drainage system. As the fungus resides in the soil, it is crucial to treat it.

Organic fungicide for the best outcome

An organic fungicide like Trianum Shield is the best solution you can find. It is formulated by Trichoderma Harzianum wettable powder, which does not leave any harmful residue or impact the plant. The fungicide attacks the fungus and breaks down the cell walls. As a result, the fungus dies. Besides killing the fungus, the organic product also impacts the growth of the plant by boosting the nutrition supply. The blocked vessels of the xylem get unblocked with the death of the fungus and thus strengthen the resistivity of the plant.

Trianum Shield for a better remedy

Consider the organic remedy for fighting the wilt disease as it takes only a few days for Trianum Shield to kill the fungus. Use it before planting the seed at the initial crop cycle stage. By using the product, you can promote the growth and health of the plant roots. Protect the crop from yield loss with the organic solution.

Take a wise call in selecting the fungicide for your farm or garden. Treat the soil with the right product to facilitate plant growth.