How To Get Rid of Downy Mildew Cucumber?

Downy mildew cucumber is a serious disease. You must have seen symptoms coming up on your lower leaf surface if this disease is starting to eat up your cucumber plantation. 


You can get rid of downy mildew on cucumber by using biological products such as Trianum V. 

What causes mildew on cucumbers? It is caused by fungal organisms like Pseudoperonospora cubensis. This organism is an obligate parasite that needs plants like cucurbit to grow well and survive. It needs plant debris to grow, and it eats up the whole cucumber plantation. Infections develop very quickly in moderate temperatures, humid climates, and on cold nights.

Reasons for downy mildew cucumber

Downy mildew cucumber is very strong in impacting the plantation. This disease has hampered a lot of fields full of cucumbers. If you are someone who is constantly doing cucumber plantation, then this is the part you should go through so that you can avoid such circumstances.

Environmental Hurdles


Downy mildew in cucumber is known to thrive in cold conditions and also in wet conditions with moderate to high humidity. If there is cold and humid weather with a bit of wetness in the environment then you are in trouble. Usually, the peak periods of such conditions are autumn or spring.

Overhead Irrigation

Are you watering cucumber plants with overhead irrigation? Well, then, you are in trouble. This irrigation system makes the complete environment highly suitable for downy mildew attacks. Drip irrigation is highly suitable as it keeps the wet conditions conducive for downy mildew out of the question as of now.

Poor Air Circulation Issues

It is absolutely true that cucumber plantations give amazing profits. You can churn money easily, but that does not mean you will keep a lot of cucumber plants with fewer gaps. The dense population of cucumber plants creates a microclimate that is very suitable for downy mildew to attack all the crops living there.

Infected Seeds or Transplants

People usually do not check the source of seeds or transplants at all. Downy mildew disease cycle can start from there too. As the infected seeds grow, these downy mildew symptoms start to be clearly visible and will eat all the other good cucumber plants too.

How can we prevent downy mildew attacks on cucumber plants?


It is clearly said that prevention is better than cure, always! You can prefer the rotation of crops to have other varieties of crops, like legumes with cucumbers, to keep these pathogens away from your cucumber crops. You can also prefer downy mildew-resistant cucumber plants, which are usually hard to find. If you grab some varieties of resistant ones, then you will never need to worry about the loss of cucumbers at all. The most important thing that you should not miss is planting cucumber plants with proper gaps.

How to treat downy mildew on cucumbers?

Downy mildew treatment is quite simple and if you have basic ideas regarding the symptoms, you can straightaway start the counterattack against this horrible disease. There are a few methods to treat downy mildew and we will discuss this part of the post in detail.

Simple home gardening way

You can prune the parts of cucumber plants that are affected by downy mildew symptoms. Also, you can also uproot the plants, which can lead to avoiding this horrible disease from other cucumber plants. You have to grab downy mildew symptoms very quickly so that you can start this simple downy mildew treatment. Downy mildew cucumber is a disease that spreads quickly, and that is why if you want to save money by avoiding fungicides, then you should be proactive while following this organic method. It is a simple cucumber downy mildew organic control.

Chemical treatment of downy mildew on cucumber

There are many chemical insecticides like K-Phite, Fungi-white, Prophyt, Revus, Quadris, and Ranman that are quite effective in attacking downy mildew issues. You can use them to combat the issues quickly, but it is a very short-term measure, as applying them can impact the environment heavily in the long run.

Biological treatment of using Trianum-V downy mildew fungicide 


Treating it without affecting the environment is the best way and this way you ensure that you are keeping the soil and the whole environment healthy for the next generation. Novobac is one of the best manufacturers of biological solutions for agriculture. 

Which fungicide is best for downy mildew? Trianum-V is Novobac’s product that works like magic to counter downy mildew. It is an organic fungicide for downy mildew. Trianum-V, developed by Novobac, uses trichoderma harzianum powder as its active ingredient to attack downy mildew issues. 

If you still have the question, “How do you treat downy mildew on cucumbers?” then this is the best solution. You just need to use it regularly so that its good fungus, trichoderma harzianum which helps create a strong colony of good bacteria around your plantation. It also promotes the growth of cucumber plants with good phosphate availability in the soil.


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