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MET Zone

Granular insecticide for organic control grub, cutworm, wireworm

MET Zone is a granular insecticide that uses a fungus called Metarhizium anisopliae to kill insects. MET Zone helps farmers control insects in the soil and on the surface, including white grubs, root weevils, ticks, cutworms, and wireworms. The fungus kills pests by growing inside them and destroying them within a few days. Where buy the best grub killer for lawn, Novobac is your reliable supplier for organic grub killer and organic cutworm control. MET Zone is a type of insecticide that uses a fungus called Metarhizium anisopliae to kill insects. The fungus grows on grain-based material.

Target Insect of granular insecticide

  • Grub                       •    Weevil
  • Thrips                        Cutworm
  • Ticks                          Wireworm
  • Mole Cricket        •    Termites


Mode of Action

  • Infects garden and plant insects at all stages of their life cycle, including eggs, larvae, pupae, nymphs, and adults. The conidial spores enter the host through the pores of its sense organs and begin germinating. They produce a swelling in the germ tube and derive nutrition from the host. The fungus spreads inside the pest’s body, consuming its internal tissues.
  • Produces secondary metabolites that help it overcome the host’s defenses. The fungus emerges from the insect, giving it a fuzzy appearance, after devouring its insides.
  • The fungus directly infects garden insects upon contact, without the need for consumption. Metarhizium anisopliae thrives in moist environments and infects cutworms, spreading the infection spreads from one to another. This makes it an effective long-term organic cutworm control method.

Benefit of granular insecticide

  • Broad-spectrum pest control for surface and soil insects.
  • Ecofriendly and certified organic products.
  • Microbial pesticide, non-drug resistance.
  • Improves plant health and increases potential yield.
  • Effective against both soil insects and foliage-feeding insects in garden and plant.
  • The spores remain on pests debris, organic matter, and soil particles and provide long-lasting protection.

How to apply insecticide granules

  • When use as organic grub killer, apply 60-90 kg per hectare to a moist soil medium. Increase the pesticide concentration when predicting high pest pressure.
  • Mix the product thoroughly into the growing medium, ensuring even distribution, either before or during planting. The soil should be moist at the time of application and kept moist for best performance.
  • Do not mix fungicides with the growth medium that contains this insecticide granules. Keep the plants above 16°C and ensure proper drainage.
  • Cultivate this wireworm insecticide on cereal grains that will decompose in the growing medium. Before using this product, you must control pests that are attracted to grains, such as rodents.


How to use organic grub killer

  • MET Zone wireworm insecticide is compatible with well-rotted FYM, compost, and vermi compost.
  • Not to mix it with any chemical fungicides.
  • Alternate application of chemical and botanical pesticides is possible.
  • Avoid using this product during high temperatures.
  • Apply this wireworm insecticide in the evening time.
  • Safe for humans, mammals, natural parasites, and predators.
  • Exempt from residue tolerance limits for organic cutworm control.

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Metarhizium anisopliae granular base on a grain matrix

Metarhizium anisopliae granular after applied in soil

Product Facts:

Active Ingredient

Metarhizium anisopliae spores

Formulation Type

Granular formulation


Metarhizium anisopliae spores 2* 10^8 cfu/g


granular insecticide 1 kg per bag

Common Crops

Apply to most of common crops in greenhouse and outdoor.


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