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Beveria WP

Bio insecticides kill whitefly, thrips and aphids naturally

BEVERIA WP is a highly effective bio insecticide based on the naturally occurring fungus Beauveria bassiana. This natural pesticide provides excellent control against a variety of insect pests, including whitefly, thrips, aphids, and many other garden and tomato insects. BEVERIA WP is a biological insecticide that is safe to use on indoor and outdoor plants, making it an ideal choice for natural pesticides for indoor plants and vegetable insecticide. Looking for to buy online fungal bioinsecticide for plants, Novobac can be your reliable supplier choice.

Target Insect

  • Whitefly                                                            •  Aphids
  • Thrips                                                               •  Spider Mites
  • Psyllids                                                             •  Mealybugs
  • Leafhoppers                                                    •  Lepidoptera

Mode of Action

  • Beauveria bassiana is a natural fungus that is found in soils worldwide. After application, the spores of the fungus attach themselves to the cuticle of the insects and begin to germinate.
  • The growing hyphae penetrate the cuticle and begin to colonize the insect’s body.
  • As the fungus grows, the whitefly/thrips/aphids insecticide releases toxic metabolites that kill the insect.
  • This mode of action has broad-based efficacy against insect pests and provides long-lasting control.


  • A natural and eco-friendly option for controlling insect pests in your garden, greenhouse, or indoor plants.
  • Excellent control against a broad range of pests, making it an effective natural pesticide for indoor plants and vegetable insecticide.
  • With no harmful residues, safe for humans and the environment and can be used in integrated pest management programs.

Application & Dosage

  • The whitefly/thrips/aphids insecticide is easy to apply and can be applied as a foliar spray or soil drench.
  • For foliar application, mix 0.5-1.0 gram per liter of water and apply evenly over the plants.
  • For soil application, mix 2-3 grams per liter of water and apply to the soil around the roots.
  • Apply every 7-10 days until the pest population is controlled.
  • It is compatible with most chemical and biological products, making it an ideal bio insecticide for integrated pest management programs.


Tank mixing

  • BEVERIA WP‘s active ingredient beauveria bassiana is hydrophobic, tank mixing pre-mixing properly is one of the most important steps. Unsuitable pre-mixing will cause the solution inproperly mixed, leave too much residue on leaves and fruits when spray, affecting the effectiveness of the application.
  • It is very important to premix in a sealed container. Do not premix in a bucket with a stick or whisk, that will add too much air to the water and uneven concentration of conidia in the solution. When add BEVERIA WP into sealed container at the rate 2 to 3 gram/liter, fill up cold or room temperature water stir well for 30 to 45 seconds, pour the premix into the spray tank, rinse the premix container with water three times and add the rinse water to the spray tank , Prepare a fresh batch for each application.
  • Apply the mixture as soon as possible, Do not expose the Beauveria bassiana mixture to direct light or heat. Light or heat will kill the spores. Do not save the solution to use after 24 hours.
  • BEVERIA WP is physically and biologically compatible with a wide range of insecticides, spray adjuvants, and fungicide, check with your seller for specific instructions.
  • Better result if application with additional wetting agents or adjuvants.
  • Observe the most restrictive of the labeling limitations and precautions of all products used in mixtures.

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Product Facts:

Common Crops

Apply to most of common crops in greenhouse and outdoor.

Active Ingredient

Beauveria Bassiana Spores

Formulation Type

Wettable Powder Formulation


Beauveria Bassiana 1 x 10^10 cfu/g


1 kg per foil bag


After use, be sure to properly store the Beauveria bassiana product according to the instructions on the label.

This may involve keeping it in a cool, dry place, or storing it in a specific temperature range.


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