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Beauveria Bassiana

Beauveria bassiana insecticide spray for agricultural pest control

Beauveria bassiana is a naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungus that is not only effective for fungi insect control, but also pet safe indoor insecticide. This fungus is widely used as an agricultural pest control insecticide, specifically for the treatment of aphids and other soft-bodied insects in greenhouse, field, and nursery crops. This environmentally safe technique provides an alternative to chemical insecticides used in agricultural pest control, and is also a safe option for pet owners with indoor plants who want to use pet safe indoor insecticide. For those looking for where to buy the strain powder products online, Novobac is the best supplier option to consider due to their reliable and high-quality products.

Target Insect

• Whitefly                                                                     • Aphids

• Thrips                                                                        • Spider Mites

• Psyllids                                                                      • Mealy bugs

• Lepidoptera                                                              • Beetles


Mode of Action

The spores are highly effective in agricultural pest control by working as an insecticide for aphids and other pests. It takes 0-6 hours for the spores to adhere to the host insect, before beginning to germinate 6-12 hours after coming into contact with the bug. The spores land on the target insect pest’s cuticle (skin), where they germinate and develop through the cuticle to the host’s inner body.

By absorbing nutrients from the insect, the fungus multiplies and colonizes the entire insect, depriving it of nutrients and causing the infected insects to eventually perish within 24 to 48 hours. This makes natural insecticides for aphids an environmentally safe method of insect control, providing an alternative to chemical insecticides used in agricultural pest control. For those looking for effective insecticides for aphids and other pests, the natural insecticide for houseplants is highly recommended.

Beauveria Bassiana targeting insect pests


  • Broad Spetrum organic insecticide and pesticide
  • Comprehensive eradication of a variety of common pests.
  • Effective insecticide at all phases of life, with the highest results at low numbers
  • Greater application flexibility, especially around harvest time
  • Option for managing innovation resistance to reduce demand on traditional pesticides
  • ln addition to the release of beneficial species
  • Simpler adherence to changing consumer expectations and legal requirements

Application & Dosage

  • Apply 2-3 grams powder per liter water by foliar spray.
  • Use 500-2500 L/ha of water to provide complete spray coverage, but do not go past the point of run-off.
  • Apply as soon as the aphids, thrips or whiteflies insect problem first appears.
  • Apply again at intervals long enough to maintain control, often 3-10 days, depending on the rate of plant growth, the activity of insects, and other elements.
  • If you want to control an insect population with a single application, treat the area as soon as the eggs start to hatch but before any damage is done financially.


Optimal Conditions

The pesticide for indoor plants should typically be easy to use in the most advantageous circumstances because of use in protected cropping:

Beauveria Bassiana in action


Success factors

Apply beauveria bassiana early in the growth of the population, its effectiveness is influenced by coverage because it is a contact natural insecticide.

To achieve comprehensive spray coverage at high water rates, use 500-2500L/ha of water, but do not go over the point of runoff.

Application frequency will be determined by:

  • The Atmosphere (such as whether plants are protected or outdoors)
  • The method of applying the insecticides for aphids (foliar or drench) in houseplants or plants
  • The population and economic thresholds for the targeted insects
  • The pet safe indoor insecticide application should start in the early stages of population growth.

In order to achieve satisfactory agricultural pest control, larger insect populations would necessitate the use of chemical pesticides for knockdown and shorter application intervals of the pesticide for indoor plants to 3-5 days to kill.

Product Facts:

Formulation Type

Powder Form and Granular Form

Available Specification

Bacteria count :

Powder Form 1 x 10^10 cfu/g,  2 x 10^10 cfu/g, 4 x 10^10 cfu/g

Granular Form 2 x 10^8 cfu/gram


Water Soluable


1 kg per foil bag or 25 kg per kraft paper bag

Shelf Life and Storage

18 months when stored properly in a cool and dry place.

Keep out of direct sunshine and moisture.

Once opened, use it within 30 days to prevent activation.

Stay away from children.


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