Soil Vigor

Natural Fungicide
Soil Vigor is microbial inoculants for plants

Soil Vigor

Soil microbial inoculants for plants in agriculture

Soil Vigor is a microbial inoculants that contains a blend of natural beneficial microorganisms. It is designed to break down organic matter in the soil and release trapped carbon and other nutrients. When applied this soil fungicide, it can help farmers improve soil health and fertility, increase crop yields and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, and boost plant resistance to diseases and pathogens. In addition, the organic soil amendments can improve nutrient cycling, which can improve soil structure, stimulate plants root growth, and increase soil moisture retention for plants in agriculture. Where to buy microbial inoculant products, Novobac supplies best soil inoculants microbes for plants.

Mode of Action

  • Biological Nitrogen Fixation: The soil fungicide contains certain types of beneficial microbes, which have the ability to convert nitrogen gas into more biologically useful forms through a process called nitrogenase. Nitrogenase is an enzyme that is capable of reducing nitrogen gas to ammonia. The nitrogenase enzyme is sensitive to oxygen, so the effective microorganisms that carry out Organic Nitrogen Fixation typically inhabit environments where oxygen is limited.
  • Phosphate Solubilization: Bacteria and fungi that produce enzymes that can break down these bound forms of phosphate, releasing the phosphate ions and making them available to plants. These microbes can solubilize phosphate through the production of organic acids, such as citric acid or lactic acid, or by releasing enzymes that can break down the bound forms of phosphate.
  • Phytohormone Production involves using carbon sequestration to increase the production of healthy plant growth hormones and storing carbon in the growing media, which in turn increases the amount of available nitrate nitrogen.
  • Mobilization and Mineralization are carried out by beneficial bacteria for plants, which release enzymes that can break down organic matter and release nutrients that are trapped within it. These nutrients can then be taken up by plants or converted into inorganic forms that are more readily available for plant uptake.
  • Saprophytic Competence refers to the ability of saprophytic microbes, which live on dead or decomposing matter, to compete with native soil microbes and carry out their intended functions.


  • Restores beneficial soil bacterial populations.
  • Boost soil fertility and quality.
  • Unlock nutrient-bound compounds.
  • Activate biological processes and inhibit plant pathogens.
  • Plant growth stimulator and root promoter.
  • Encourage plant development, leading to higher yields.
  • Control pH in both acidic and alkaline environments.
  • Lessen your reliance on inorganic fertilizers (NPK).
  • lessen the hazardous chemical substances still present in the soil.

How to add microbes to soil

  • To mix with homemade biofertilizer, apply 1 kg Soil Vigor Microbial Inoculant per MT of organic fertilizer.
  • To apply microbial inoculants as biofertilizer, use 2-3 kgs per acre by soil drench or irrigation or in-furrow at the beginning of planting.
  • Reapply the this soil fungicide after 8-12 weeks or during times of stress for the plants, or when the plants have a high need for nutrients.
  • Brew 1,000 g of the organic soil amendments in at least 20 liters of non-chlorine water for a minimum of 4 hours. Dilute the brewed mixture further by adding it to at least 250 liters of non-chlorine water.


When to apply Soil Vigor

  • On eroded soils or at risk of degradation. Especially recommended in combination with the organic soil amendments.
  • At the beginning of the crop cycle to amplify the full potential of the soil from the beginning.
  • Throughout the crop cycle, to maintain the beneficial activity that provides the climax of microbial life in the soil.

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Product Facts:

Active Ingredient

Blended microbes including bacillus and trichoderma

Formulation Type

Wettable Powder


Bacillus subtillus-  2×108 cfu/g
Bacillus licheniformis- 2×108 cfu/g
Bacillus megaterium- 2×107 cfu/g
T. harzianum- 3.6 x106 cfu/g
Trichoderma Viride- 2.4 x106 cfu/g
Bacillus Laterosporus -2×107 cfu/g


net weight 1,000 gram per bag

Common Crops

Apply to most of common crops in greenhouse and outdoor.


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