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Soil Activar

Boost vegetables growth with organic liquid fertilizer

Soil Activar is a top organic liquid fertilizer for vegetables. A special mix of microbes, organic agents, growth promoters, and trace elements make it. This product is completely natural and doesn’t have any artificial additives. Plant growth and develop with the help of it, from the moment they first sprout until they reach full maturity. Where to buy best liquid fertilizer for vegetables, Novobac is reputatble manufacturer and company for your option.

Mode of action

This liquid plant fertilizer provides essential nutrients that are derived from natural, organic materials. Microbes break down these materials. Organic liquid vegetable fertilizer has amino acid, fulvic acid, corn steep liquor protein, and trace elements.

These components are essential for the growth and development of plants. Amino acids provide the necessary building blocks for proteins, while fulvic acid aids in nutrient absorption. Corn steep liquor protein is a source of nitrogen, which is crucial for plant growth. Lastly, trace elements are essential micronutrients that plants need in small quantities for various physiological processes.

Applying fertilizer to the soil allows the roots to absorb it, transporting it to the leaves. Plants use it to produce chlorophyll, the green pigment essential for photosynthesis. The liquid organic fertilizer also stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms, which further break down the organic materials and release more nutrients.

Benefit of organic liquid fertilizer

  • Effectively produce a range of compounds to promote plant growth and increase yields.
  • Promote root stimulation, plant protection, and more flavorful fruit and vegetables
  • Activate indigenous micro-flora and aid nutrient release
  • Reduce reliance on inorganic fertilizers (NPK)
  • Decrease hazardous chemical substances
  • Enhance fertility and quality
  • Promote ideal pH in challenging environmental conditions.

How to apply Soil Activar

You can easily use the vegetable fertilizer and apply it through soil, leaves, hydroponics, and irrigation. Just diluted with water and apply before watering.

  • Soil application: Mix 2-3 ml per liter water in a watering can or hose-end sprayer. Apply the solution around the base of the plant, making sure to evenly distribute it.
  • Irrigation system: Add 1-2 ml per water used in irrigation system and applied to the agro crops.
  • Foliar application: Mix 2-3 ml per liter water in a handheld sprayer. Apply the solution to the leaves, making sure to evenly coat the leaves. It’s best to apply in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid leaf burn from the sun.
  • Frequency of application: Apply the liquid vegetable fertilizer every 1-4 weeks during the growing season. Apply every week for starter plants, and every 1-2 weeks for mature plants.


When to use Soil Activar

Farmers use liquid fertilizer for plants in the growing season to provide extra nutrients for crop growth and development.

The best time to use  the liquid plant fertilizer depends on the specific crops you are growing and their nutritional needs.

The seedlings can receive plant food after using up the nutrients from the sprouted seeds. You can add this plant food to the soil to assist in their growth.

Apply top dressing fertilizer when the plant is growing. This is typically during the vegetative stage for most agriculture plants. You can also apply it when the plants are blooming or fruiting


How to achieve the best results:

  • Use a watering can to spray the plant, especially for feeding through the leaves. Spray the underside of leaves, where most of the pores are.
  • Sprinkle on the plant to give it nutrients that it can absorb right away.
  • When using a fertigation system, the plants absorb the nutrients via the roots. Dilute it first to ensure maximum results, as its concentration is relatively high.
  • Spray liquid plant fertilizer on cold days. This will help it absorb better, especially when using it as a foliar feed. This will also help to avoid leaf sunburn.
  • The optimal time to spray is during the early to late morning hours, followed by the early evening.
  • Spray only plants that you have regularly watered and that are not under drought stress.
  • Avoid spraying during the heat of the day to prevent evaporation before absorption.
  • We would recommend using a light mist spray. However, if you apply hose-end sprayers more frequently and at the right time, they can also be effective.

Product Facts:


20 Liter per barrel.

Active Ingredient

Organic Liquid Microbial Fertilizer

Formulation Type

Liquid Fertilizer Type


B. subtillus-2×10×8 cfu/g
B. amyloliquefaceins-2×10×8 cfu/g
B. licheniformis-2×10×8 cfu/g
B. polymyxa-1×10×8 cfu/g

T. harzianum-3.6 x10x6 cfu/g
T. Viride-2.4 x10x6 cfu/g

Organic matter–40%
Amino acid –10%
Fulvic acid–8%
Corn steep liquor protein–16%
Trace element — 2%

Storage and Shelf life

24 months when stored properly in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Ensure that the container is tightly sealed when not in use.

Common Crops

Tomato, pepper, lettuce, cucumber, corn, soybeans, wheat, citrus, strawberry, apple, grape, banana, blueberry, cherry, rose,  orchid


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