How to get rid of cutworms on tomatoes

Tomatoes are part of everyday life and so are the Tomato Cutworm. May it be small cherry tomatoes or big juicy tomatoes, people tend to use them regularly. Many people prefer to have some tomato plants in their garden because it gives them access to a good healthy eating lifestyle. Tomatoes are tasty and juicy. They act as anti-oxidants and help us to fight many diseases. From protection against sunburns to getting safe from cancer, you can get it all with this nutritious red fruit.

While gardening, it is necessary to choose the garden correctly and make sure that no common outdoor bugs go on to attack your crop, and that includes cutworm. Tomato cutworm issues should always need to be taken care of proactively. Tomato cutworm control should be done by identifying the pests before they become critical and stop you from having a successful harvest.

A Tomato Cutworm Hornworm on a tomato

Understanding Tomato Cutworms

Identifying cutworms is a very necessary objective if you are looking to avoid tomatoes in your garden being attacked by these dangerous pests. These pests are truly a type of caterpillar. Mostly, when they are in their larvae form, they feed on the tomato plants. This period is when you see your plantations facing major damage. Once these caterpillars become moths, you will not find any dangers to your plantations. Cutworms usually feed at night as they are nocturnal. If you find even a single of these pests and touch or disturb them, then form a shape very close to “C.”

Cutworms on tomatoes can actually be very dangerous as they can affect your plants in many ways. Sometimes, these pests can eat the stem of the plant so much that you will be required to cut the stem of the plant fully. Sometimes, they even climb the stems to eat the fruits and leaves. It can eat all the crops easily if you do not identify them and take the right steps. Some cutworms have solid-colored bodies, while others have strips or spots all over their bodies. So, you always need to keep an eye on it because this pest can come in various forms, and you will miss it before it goes on to attack your tomato crop.

The Challenges of Cutworm Control

It is heartbreaking to see that the seeds you sowed expecting good fruits have only given you rotten roots. It is very difficult to handle cutworms because of their various body structures and types of colors. You will also find difficulties in handling cutworms because they are general feeders. They will not only hamper your tomato plants but also hamper the whole garden without sparing even turfgrass. They can curl their bodies easily and take all the food they want. You will more often than not find your tomato plants having a cut just above the soil surface, usually when this pest attacks.

It is usually mentioned that prevention is better than cure, but once the attack has been done, it is all about curing it. Tomato cutworm control sometimes looks like a headache. It is usually preferable to opt for organic methods. Small gardens mostly do not require chemicals, but people choose chemical pesticides when they find the attack is severe. Chemical pesticides might help you resolve the problem that is in front of your eyes, but in the long term, these pesticides adversely affect your whole plantation and soil quality. You should always look to avoid chemical pesticides as much as possible without giving any second thought about it.

Tomato plants infested with cutworms and hornworms.

Introducing MET Zone

How to get rid of cutworms on tomatoes? Well, are you having this question in your mind? MET Zone might be the answer for you. It seems to be the ultimate solution for many people who have tried it till now. If there is a regular attack of cutworms in your tomato garden, then this innovative product is something that you should always try. It is designed in a way that it is quite effective against cutworms while it does not hamper the soil and plantation in the long term. You can term it as an environment-friendly solution that can attack the cutworms easily.

How is MET Zone effective? Well, at the heart of this solution is the active ingredient Metarhizium Anisopliae. It is a naturally occurring fungus. It is well-equipped to attack the cutworms and finish their total population easily. Metarhizium Anisopliae works with proper coordination with nature, and that is why many organic gardeners prefer it. When you apply it to the soil, it starts working as a natural predator of cutworms. It kills only the existing cutworms, but it can also be chosen as a preventive measure. Embracing MET Zone is the best way to say bye to cutworms and welcome a thriving tomato garden.

Benefits of MET Zone

Met Zone, a natural insecticide treating Tomato Cutworm.MET Zone is the best thing to choose when you are facing a tomato cutworm problem. Dealing with the persistent threat of cutworm and not taking the help of MET Zone is a very bad idea. It gives you a lot of advantages when compared to chemical pesticides that are quite dangerous to the whole plantation. It does not hamper any beneficial insects, unlike many of the chemical pesticide options available in the market. By not hampering beneficial insects and not leaving any harmful residues on your full garden, it ensures that organic gardening is never hampered.

MET Zone has Metarhizium anisopliae, which marks out tomato cutworm and specifically attacks them without being a threat to the whole garden. It usually infects the cutworms, and by that, it helps to protect the tomato garden very easily.

This product acts as a long-term solution to tomato cutworm issues because it establishes itself in the garden once applied to the soil as a natural barrier against cutworms. It stops cutworms from returning to your tomato garden. So, why not switch to MET Zone right now from chemical pesticides for a sustainable, organic, and cutworm-free tomato garden? Make your life easy with this product, and enjoy the tomatoes.

Application of MET Zone to Combat Tomato Cutworms

Using MET Zone to protect your plantation is a very simple process. Start by applying this product at the base of your tomato plants. Make sure you add this into the soil. Make sure that the soil is in a proper moisturized condition to help Metarhizium anisopliae to establish.

If you are looking for the best results, then choose to apply MET Zone when the growing season is about to start. It is during this period cutworms are not significantly attacking the tomato plants. Keep repeating the application if you feel it is necessary. You should re-apply when you see cutworm attacks are growing again or maybe when there is a very heavy rain. Keep these points in mind, and you will not face any trouble.

The tomato cutworm issue is not a huge issue if it is taken care of properly. One should always look to maintain their tomato garden in the best possible condition so that the tomatoes are always grown properly, and the whole garden thrives. Always try to have proper crop rotation because, with crop rotation, you ensure that you are disrupting the regular cycle of the life of cutworms. Have some physical barriers like collars so that it deter cutworms from attacking the tomato plants. It is quite effective when the plants are young. Keeping your garden clean and having MET Zone can always keep your tomato plants safe from cutworms.


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