Best Fungicides for Cedar Apple Rust and When to Apply Them

Cedar apple rust is a well-known fungal disease that affects apple, crabapple, and cedar trees. It is usually caused by a fungus like Gymnosprangium juniperi-virginianae. If you leave it untreated, your garden and all the crops will suffer significant damage. This disease is more prevalent in areas where cedar trees are combined with apples and crabapples, as the fungus requires both hosts to complete the whole apple cedar rust life cycle. This fungus spends its winter on cedar while looking for apple or crabapple trees during spring. It creates fungal pores and destroys the whole plantations by summer.

Symptoms of Cedar Apple Rust

Close-up of cedar branch infected with orange, gelatinous fungal growths, surrounded by green cedar needles.

To get hold of cedar apple rust treatment, it is necessary to know the symptoms at the beginning. Cedar apple rust has some known symptoms that you can track easily. The major ones to check are:

  • Yellow spots on leaves appear during early spring, and then they change to orange and brown.
  • Usually, tiny black dots can usually be found on the leaves’ undersides.
  • The fruits might get swollen, and there might be yellowish-green spots that, when grown larger, turn to black or brown spots.
  • The leaves are stunted, twisted, or distorted.

These cedar apple rust symptoms can be found among the plants in spring and early summer. They continue until the fruits mature.

The best fungicides for Cedar Apple Rust

White package of Trianum V microbial foliar biopesticide, displaying product details and an image of tomatoes on the right side.

Treating cedar rust on apple trees with the best fungicide for cedar apple rust? Several varieties of fungicides can control the attack of this dangerous fungus. A few options to know are:

  • Serenade Garden: This broad-spectrum biofungicide is well-known for its preventive measures. It uses the widespread bacteria Bacillus subtilis strain to control the fungal disease.
  • Regalia: This is known popularly because it is a plant extract fungicide. It is very effective against various plant diseases, and cedar-apple rust cannot be excluded.
  • Actinovate: This bio fungicide uses Streptomyces lyrics. It is among the best beneficial bacteria for countering plant-disease-causing fungi. It is known to attack the fungus that creates disease from the soil level.
  • RootShield: This biofungicide is quite popular for the favourable results it provides to farmers. It has beneficial fungus that never let harmful fungi grow in the soil, and that is why it acts greatly to deal with the disease.
  • Trianum-V: It is a top-notch solution to easily tackle apple cedar rust, powdery mildew, and many other dangerous fungal diseases. Trichoderma harzianum is an active ingredient that is known to improve the quality of the soil very quickly. Novobac has developed its formulation so that any farmer using it will always find beneficial results.

If you have to choose one specifically, then Trianum-V is hands down the best choice for symptomatic treatment. It has always been proven that tackling the worst scenario will keep the garden intact and help the farmers get the best yield. The vital thing is that it has the best fungus, Trichoderma harzianum, as its beneficial fungus. Novobac is a reliable manufacturer, so you can trust its products to get helpful results for organic farming and can be surely backed on for cedar apple rust organic treatment.

When should the fungicides be applied to control Cedar Apple Rust?

Application timing plays a major role. You should check with the manufacturing instructions behind the packs of the fungicides to ensure that you choose the best time to apply them. It is generally preferable to use before harvesting and starting the new plantation. Repeating the application in 7-day to 14-day intervals can always be helpful to avoid the disease. So, always have a proper spray schedule in place by discussing with the experts. Treating cedar apple rust on apple trees is always very simple if you simply know the right timing.

How to apply Trianum-V by Novobac?

Cedar branch with a large, brown, spiky gall caused by cedar-apple rust, surrounded by green cedar needles.

Its organic control is easy when you use Trianum-V. It is a straightforward yet effective product by the reliable manufacturer Novobac. This sustainable manufacturer wants to keep things simple for the farmers, so it ensures that the application process stays basic. These are the significant points that you should note:

  • Usually, apply 2 grams to 3 grams per liter of water, preferably on the underside of the leaves.
  • Prefer to apply before there are any heavily visible symptoms.
  • Look to repeat the application process every seven days to 14 days, depending on the disease pressure.
  • Only look to use a spray concentration that is 1 percent v/v.


Choosing sustainable methods while doing agricultural work is preferable, as it always ensures that our environment and soil stay very safe. Many amazing fungicides exist, but Trianum-V is the most effective against various plant diseases. It is the magical solution to fight Cedar Apple Rust, botrytis, powdery mildew, and many other fungal infections. The organic control, Trichoderma harzianum, as its active ingredient to wave the magic wand to resolve the fungal issues in your garden. This company is constantly consistently developing its products, which is why you can trust it to have a sustainable environment while tackling the disease on apple trees.


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