Going Green: Effective Organic Aphid Control Methods 

Aphids! This is a headache word. Organic aphid control is quite necessary. While looking for aphids control is terrible, do you know what is more terrifying? It is treating them with pesticides.

Now many of us know that pesticides have harmful effects on our daily life. It does only affect the natural environment but also can create many diseases in the human body. Going green is a new thing although it should be the norm rather than a luxury.

To avoid soil degradation and keep yourself healthy, you should control them in a very healthy way known as organic aphid control. Chemical treatments impact on the ecosystem is hazardous, always keep that in mind.

In this post, we will focus more on natural ways to get rid of aphids with organic methods. You can call them organic gardening tips. This type of pest management can help you in the long run and your garden can easily avoid insect infestation.

What are Aphids? How to Identify Them?

If you’re looking for a definition, read on. They are soft-bodied insects that are known to wreak havoc on your plants. These insects suck the sap from the plants they attack. In normal words, you can also call these insects garden pests too.

Are you wondering what they look like so that it becomes easy to control them? You can find these insects in different colors like green, reddish brown, or grey. You should not be concerned because they are very easy to find and control. These are a family of insects known as the Aphididae.

The Aphididae family is a very large family and has many species. One of the most important early diagnostic tips is to notice if there are patches on leaves that were not present early, and you are familiar with the colours that can indicate that organic aphid control is required.


Learn how to identify different types of aphids with this helpful guide.

How Aphids Damage Plants? 

Aphids on plants can be harmful because if they are there on your plants in large numbers they can create significant damage. That is the main reason why many people panic and look for aphids control methods. Nymphs and adult aphids usually try to feed on plant juices and that is why they attack fruits, leaves, stems, flowers, and roots.

Mostly if you look at the damage created by them before you go for organic aphid control, you need to look at the yellowing of leaves, curling, misshapen, and stunted parts too. It can happen at the underside of the leaves too, and that is why do not ignore that part too.

Although the Aphididae family is known for different species behavior and habits, there is common behavior you can mark and that is leaves or stems are usually covered with a sticky substance. If the sticky substance is there, then it is time for pest management. It might need integrated pest control because, with the honeydew, this insect can call other insects to attack the plants.

Aphids can easily distort fruits and flowers when they feed on them. This is when we can actually see significant symptoms of plant injury caused by pests. Using organic aphid control methods even though you might panic and go for soaps, oils, chemicals to kill pests that are unhelpful.

Aphids and Chemical Insecticides - An Unsuccessful Partnership

Organic Aphid Control Methods

Are you wondering how to control aphids? Well, finding non-toxic solutions for insect problems is necessary.

Rather than using chemically affected common pesticides used in agriculture, you can opt for natural ways to get rid of them. You can opt for Beveria WP to control aphids easily without damaging the soil or creating troubles around human health.

 Novobac Beveria WP - Biological Insecticide for Aphid Control

This product is a very effective solution if you are looking to do aphids control naturally. It has got an amazing ready-to-use wettable powder formula that you can always apply easily to plants and soils not only while curing but also while doing prevention activities. They always say protection is better than cure and that is why you can also try gardening practices that attract good bugs that can do aphids control too along with Beveria WP.

Beveria WP has Beauveria bassiana as its highly active ingredient. This is the best answer to your question about how to control aphids organically. It is a fungus that occurs naturally and is quite popular for being a natural enemy of many bad pests and that includes aphids. They get attached to the aphids, then grow inside their body to kill them. You can call them beneficial insects, natural predators of aphids. You can spray them on plants regularly as the best and most effective alternative to chemical pesticides.

Organic aphid control with Beauveria bassiana is essential for an array of reasons, including environment protection, a more targeted approach, and less risk to humans and animals.

  • Natural safety: it is made from natural sources and is compostable, which means it degrades quickly and does not harm nature.
  • Targeted approach: it only targets specific pests, such as aphids, and does not harm good insects or other non-target organisms.
  • Less risk to humans and animals: it does not contain toxic chemicals that can cause harm if ingested or inhaled.
  • Effective pest control: it is highly effective in controlling pests, especially when used in combination with other organic methods such as crop rotation and companion planting.

Control aphids organically by how to use Beauveria bassiana. Just buy a ready-to-use spray and spray the solution on the plants. Make sure that you are spraying on both sides of the leaves. Try to spray it every 7 to 10 days to get a better result.

If you’re wondering how to control aphids in your garden, consider using bioinsecticides such as Beveria WP. This biological insecticide is a reliable and harmless method to manage aphids and keep your garden free from pests at all times.


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